The Prime Minister, John Howard, says Tuesday’s bomb attack at Jakarta’s Marriott hotel may have been targetted at westerners but was really an attack on the Indonesian state and its people.


Sixteen people have so far been confirmed dead and 150 injured in the explosion.

The Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has confirmed no Australians were killed although several were injured in the blast.

Mr Howard says he undertstands all the dead were Indonesians except for possibly one Dutch citizen and a Singaporean citizen and that most of the injured were Indonesians.

“That, of course, reminds us that although this was an attack on what is seen as a high profile western target, the victims were the citizens of Indonesia overwhelmingly and this must be seen and should be seen and is an attack on the Indonesian state and an attack on the Indonesian people.”

Mr Downer says the injured Australians he is aware of were not seriously wounded.

“There were no Australians amongst those killed so from an Australian perspective that’s good news. There was one Australian injured – I believe he had 30 stitches but he’s been discharged from hospital now and another Australian who was in the hotel was somewhat traumatised by the incident but the victims in the main, have been Indonesian.”

The Australian embassy in Indonesia is warning Australians to stay away from central Jakarta.

Thousands of Australians live in Jakarta, with 400 Australian companies in the city.

A special toll-free number for Australians concerned about family and friends in Jakarta has been set up.

The toll-free number arranged by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is 1800 002 214.

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